Located below in our dropdown menu, you will find all our online registration forms! At this current time we are only accepting Recreational registration forms online. Inquiries may be submitted in person to be a part of our fantastic Competitive Team. We look forward to growing with you in our studio!


At Dance District, we are a group of highly trained professionals that bring a new level of passion and skill to the dance industry. Between all of our teachers, Dance District offers students immense knowledge in jazz, tap, ballet, hip-hop, and acro, as well as the practical experience they need to excel in life.

We are extremely motivated to build highly adept and goal-oriented dancers through our challenging choreography and intensive programs. 

We want to give students the time they need and deserve with our teachers, focusing on individual growth to create stronger competitive groups and solos. The teachers are also here to motivate and inspire; we want to focus on the development of their self-expression and awareness as dancers, but also, as children and young adults. 

We are dedicated to providing our dancers with not only a high-quality dance education but more importantly a supportive and inclusive environment where they can comfortably express themselves through dance.

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