Dance, as an expression of oneself, can be seen in children even before they can walk.  As they move their body to the beat of music they can be seen grinning from ear to ear displaying the joy they are feeling in that moment.  Dance tells a story through the art of movement, without any words needing to be communicated.  Dance can make you laugh, it can make you cry, it allows one to express themselves through the flow of movement.

Dance District is a new, vibrant dance studio for girls and boys for ages three and up offering dance instruction from qualified, experienced, recognized dance professionals.  Our goal is to ensure all students achieve their maximum potential while creating life long memories and strong bonds of friendship along the way.  We want our students to feel inspired through dance and to gain a strong sense of self-confidence, self-respect and discipline through professional instruction and team work.  

Through dance, children learn the importance of being on a team and working closely with others.  When dancing in a group, children learn the fundamentals of “sharing the stage” and more importantly the significance of how important it is to build trust and reliability with fellow team members.  When on a team children learn not only through instruction but as well through the observation of peers and fellow dancers. 

We realize that behind every dancer is a supportive, committed family, and we strongly believe in open communication and frequent updates to ensure families are informed of upcoming events and on progress being made by our Dance Studio.


Why Dance?

Children naturally want to be physically active and on the move.  Their bodies tell them what they need, but unfortunately, they are not always able to get active.  Being active on a daily basis allows children and teenagers to become fit and healthy so that they feel good and can also call upon their energy reserves for whatever they may need it for.  Children need at the very least an hour a day of moderate exercise which leaves them breathless.  This won’t come from walking at an everyday pace, but can be provided through a 60 minute dance class.

  • Dance creates energy which keeps children alert and engaged!
  • Dance can help moderate stress!
  • Dance helps to improve short/long term memory!

Strength & Technique


Grace & Beauty


Flexibility & Alignment


Creativity & Passion


Motivational Teachers



Our newly renovated space is located on the North East corner of Fourth Line and North Service Road.  Our facility offers three naturally lit, spacious, climate controlled dance studios.  Each studio contains, full length mirrors, professionally sprung hardwood flooring, and custom anchored ballet barres.   We offer our dancers a private change room upstairs to store bags, shoes and snacks.  Free WiFi is available to our dancers and observers.

Dance District’s waiting area offers a friendly, open environment to promote conversation and teamwork.   Our lobby offers parents a comfortable area that allows them to view their children’s progress and observe instruction.  Our studio is conveniently located minutes away from shopping and amenities should you need to run an errand during your child’s dance class.

Dance District’s goal is to create a warm, collaborative environment that allows both our dancers and parents to feel welcome and comfortable.  We want our dance home to be your children’s second home and a place where they feel safe, secure and able to express themselves freely.



  • 3 Full size studios with professionally sprung flooring,  and 30′ high ceilings with natural day light

  • Window viewing for parents,  Family-friendly waiting area with FREE WiFi

  • Large, private change room for all dancers


  • Passionate about teaching

  • Experienced industry professionals

  • Passionate about what we do

  • Devoted to helping you expand


  • Team building skills
  • Communication skills
  • Self confidence & Self respect
  • Discipline


  • A form of expression through movement
  • A way to relieve stress
  • Exercise and energy release
  • Feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment


Competition season is what we work all year towards. Got what it takes? Enter the competitive classes to find out.


Kate Palermo
Kate PalermoDirector / Owner
Born in Brampton Ontario, Kate began her dancing career at the early age of three. Kate is trained in Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Arco, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre and Modern dance…

Full Bio
Becky Collins
Becky CollinsDirector / Owner
Becky grew up in Oakville and started dancing at the age of three.  Dance has always been a passion of hers.  Becky danced competitively throughout elementary and high school and went on to dance professionally at a variety of resorts in the Caribbean…

Full Bio
Ash Pividor
Ash PividorFull Time Teacher / Choreographer
Ashley has been teaching dance for seventeen years after graduating from Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts and competing in dance competitions in North America as a student at Performing Dance Arts…

Full Bio
Bianca Trulli
Bianca TrulliFull/Part Time Teacher
Born and raised in Ancaster Ontario, Bianca began dancing at the young age of four years old. After many years of training she has developed an understanding and appreciation for the arts…

Full Bio
Anna Rybalko
Anna RybalkoTeacher
Anna Rybalko was borth in Ukraine where she was introduced to various dance styles, such as: ballet, folk dance, ballroom and the sport of rhythmic gymnastics. However, it was in Canada that Anna fell in love with classical ballet…

Full Bio
Melanie Allison
Melanie AllisonTeacher & Choreographer
Melanie has been teaching dance to students of all ages and levels for 25 years! She began her dance training at the age of 3 and a half and has been trained in all forms of dance, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern/Contemporary, Pointe and Hip Hop…

Full Bio
Nicole Paggiossi
Nicole PaggiossiTeacher & Choreographer
Nicole Paggiossi is a dancer, choreographer and teacher from Nobleton, ON. She danced and trained at Art&Soul Dance Company in Kleinburg,ON. She trained in all disciplines of dance including jazz, ballet, tap, hip hop, contemporary, acrobatics, musical theatre and modern…

Full Bio
Emily Kemp
Emily KempTeacher & Choreographer
Emily started dancing at the early age of three studying primarily ballet. After years of doing so, she became aware that there was a whole other world of dance to discover and began a recreational tap class. After her first class, her teacher suggested a move into competitive, where it became her passion and she excelled until the age of 19…

Full Bio
Andrew Dragert
Andrew DragertTeacher & Choreographer
Andrew started dancing at the age of five and it has become his passion ever since. Finishing his Regional Arts Program Certificate at Cawthra Park Secondary School where he had the opportunity to work with renowned choreographers Allen Kaeja, Darryl Tracy and Michael Trent. On his final year of competing, Andrew won Mr. Dance Canada…

Full Bio
Emma Andrews
Emma AndrewsTeacher
Emma began dancing at the young age of three and immediately found a passion for it. After just four years, she began competing and training in various styles such as jazz, ballet, tap, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop and more…

Full Bio
Elvira Medvedeva
Elvira MedvedevaTeacher & Choreographer
Elvira Medvedeva brings with her a wealth of dance experience coupled with years of elite ballet training and education. A graduate of the Riga Choreography School in Latvia, she spent a number of years studying under various acclaimed ballet teachers and choreographers…

Full Bio

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