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Dance District Competitive Dance Programs


Dance District’s Full-Time competitive program is designed to motivate and challenge students. Our program offers training in all genres of dance including Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical, Hip Hop and Acro/Tumbling. Our training for full-time competitive is concentrated on technique, conditioning and versatility. These dancers are taught to gain the confidence, responsibility, respect and organizational skills that they need to move forward in all of life’s choices. Our competitive dancers are taught by a professional team of educators and choreographers that help to inspire and develop their technique, self-expression & overall talent.

Our Full-time competitive teams consist of 3 weeknights of training ranging from 9 – 14 hours a week depending on the age group. Each dancer is required to audition to ensure they are a perfect fit for our family. At Dance District, it is most important to us that dancers are placed on a team where they will feel the most challenged and best fit technically and for their maturity. Dance is an outlet for children and it is important for their mental health that they are placed in a company where they can excel technically and personally.

Dance District Competitive Dance Programs


Dance District’s Part-Time Competitive Program is structured to allow dancers to experience the excitement and discipline of a competitive dancer, with less time commitment throughout the week. Each company also experiences professional educators who are there to help motivate and train these children to develop their technique and confidence.

At Dance District, we have many levels for our Part-Time Competitive Program, ranging from Micro Mini to a Senior level. All companies train for 6 hours a week. The Part-Time Competitive program allows dancers to train in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Contemporary, and Hip Hop.  Just like the Full-Time Program, every dancer is required to audition to ensure they are a perfect fit for our family. For more information about our Part-Time Competitive teams, call or email us today!

Dance District Recreational Dance Programs


Recreational dance refers to any form of dancing that is done primarily for its social, educational or health benefits; it includes social dance and amateur dance instruction and performance.” At Dance District, our recreational program offers classes in genres of ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, acro and contemporary for ages 3-15. Each class offered to our recreational children are either 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour. These classes consist of a proper warm-up of movement to improve flexibility, balance, and strength. During the rest of class, students will learn movements and combinations of movements that are required for that specific genre of dance.

Our recreational students will all learn a routine within their class that will be performed in our Year-End Recital. All routines are rehearsed weekly within their scheduled class time. For more information about our recreational program, call or email us today!

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“When performing on stage I feel free and confident. And happy to be doing the thing I love.”


Dance District Member



review1-compressor “Kate and Becky have created a wonderful environment where every dancer along with their family feels welcome and is supported. Thank you for welcoming our girls into the Dance District family! A warm and nurturing environment has fed my children’s love of dance and encouraged them to take new risks. I have loved every minute of watching their confidence soar!”
— Adene & Dan Tonkin


“A lot of people ask us why we put our kids into competitive dance. First of all, they LOVE dancing and it is a healthy, active outlet for their energy and creativity. Almost as important as their passion for dance, is being a part of a team and working together to create something. Dance has taught them so many valuable lessons. They have learned time management and discipline. They know how to win AND lose graciously. They work hard all year to create something beautiful, and through that have learned the value of showing up even when you don’t feel like it because you are a part of something bigger than just you. And they have created friendships that will last their entire lives. We love the art of dance, but the lessons our children learn from dancing are even more precious and amazing than seeing them shine on that stage.”
– Kim and Dave Ramsahoye


“My daughter is currently part of the Junior competitive company. Her experience has been one of inclusivity and opportunity. The teachers at Dance District work to ensure each dancer is well trained and given equal opportunity. The tone in the studio is refreshing based on our previous experiences. Dance District feels like family, and my daughter feels at home every time she walks through the DD doors. We always recommend Dance District to any parent considering dance for their children.”
— Kerrie Olejarz, Mother of Junior Competitive Company Dancer


“Becky Collins is an amazing mom whose passion for dance goes back to her own childhood. She truly loves to see all the girls dances and is amazed at their commitment. She loves all the kids as if they were her own. After all, she knows very well that your dance family is your second family. I feel very blessed to have her in both mine and my child’s life.”
– Karen

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